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July 2022

Singing Women Monthlies


3pm - 5pm on the first Saturday of the month.

How to join

Please book on my Events page (preferred) or Drop-in £8.00 cash on the day.

Please note

On March 5th we'll be in

St Alban's Church , 

Charles Street.


We are singing in various spaces at the moment to allow for social distancing and good ventlation.

Please bring suitable clothing or anything else you need to be comfortable in a well ventilated building. ie flask of tea, bottle of water, rug.

What to expect

An afternoon workshop of harmony singing open to women of all ages and abilities. Careful and kind non-judgemental teaching often achieving surprising and rewarding results in one afternoon.


Delve in to a rich seam of gorgeous acapella harmony from far and wide. Expect perhaps a harvest chant from Burkina Fasso, a healing song from Georgia or a Celtic lullaby. We also sing pieces by composers writing especially for women's voices from the Natural Voice Network's living library of songs plus Emily's own compositions.


N.B Venues are changing each month so please see details and book on the Events page

I am also running the occassional Singing Women Zoom Session so get in touch for dates if interested. Thankyou.


Cowley Women's Chorus



This is the type of singing I have wanted to do for so many years.
You create a safe space where we can all be ourselves. That is a special gift you have.