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Feisty Choir

 Membership is currently full. Get in touch to go on a waiting list.


Expect strong contemporary song by living women writers written for women's acapella voices with new takes on lullabies, work-songs, songs of protest and songs of nature, alt-folk with a twist, and also global harmony which resonates, charms, inspires and surprises.

Would you like to sing songs that might be fierce, pointed, profound and joyful?

Would you call yourself a confident singer able to stay in tune with others?

Can you move in time and sing at the same time?

Can you hold a musical part alongside others singing in different harmony?

Can you commit to putting in a bit of practice at home whilst working towards a performance?


This is not a traditional choir/rock choir community choir or ladies barbershop - there will be no matching T-shirts or floaty scarves!

It's a bit different. Come and sing with us.


The Old Schoolhouse,

Hertford Street,




Wednesdays 7.30pm-9.15pm 



£8.00 per session payable as a termly block

Please contact Emily for BACS details once you join.


17/4/24 - 22/5/24            6x weeks

29/5/24 Half term

5/6/24 - 19/6/24              3x weeks

26/6/24  see below

3/7/24 Em Holiday

10/7/24 & 17/7/24            2x weeks                  Term 11 weeks


22/6/24 Flofest Opening Glofest 6pm in Florence Park.

26/6/24 Common Ground as part of WAS Art School Exhibition 7pm

19/7/24 I Still Dream . Music & Dance for the Planet.

             Florence Park Community Centre  7pm

18/9/24 New term starts

23/11/24 Join the Feisty Party Event


Come and find out about what we do and whether you can meet the stipulations above. This is not a choir for beginners or hiders and I reserve the right to decline or invite new members to join. There is a reasonably fast pace to learning and voices need to match too. However, in the same breath I think a lot of women under-estimate their ability. 

All my other choirs, workshops, groups have an open door policy welcoming singers of absolutely any ability.


Contact Emily

Please see the Contact page.

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just had to tell you how much I enjoyed the gig, it was a real wow, full of variety, grit and punch and also amazingly polished and glam. Well done...all the crew!"


Members only:  Feisty Files

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