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Drop-in any time.

Singing Assembly at The Old Schoolhouse

Whether you're an experienced singer, a little rusty, lapsed from formal choirs or looking to learn something new for a hobby and activity, singing ticks all the well-being boxes and helps create a sense of community.

All songs will be taught clearly by ear in a non-judgemental way. A friendly and inclusive group. Come ready to learn and laugh whilst making music together!


Starting with breathing exercises, vocal warm-ups, fun games and ditties this will lead on to simple chants and short songs and rounds followed by unaccompanied songs from oral traditions in two- or three-part harmony. There might be groovy gospel, folky fun, wonderful world music and sing-a-long sillies plus special pieces tailored for non-performing mixed ability choirs.

Whilst it's great to build skills , many songs will be achievable in a single session whilst others will need longer to learn and remember. Something for everyone.

All songs will be taught clearly in acapella. There are no stipulations. You do not need to read music.

This friendly and inclusive choir promises to enhance your week.

Just walking through the door is your audition!


The Old Schoolhouse,

Hertford Street,



Every Wednesday


17/4/24 - 22/5/24 6 x weeks

29/5/24 Half term break

5/6/24 - 26/6/24  4x weeks

3/7/24 Holiday

Further dates tbc


Pay what you can afford between £5- £8

Drop -in with card please ( of cash if you have to)


Contact Emily or sign-up for the newsletter. 

Please see the Contact page.

Singing assembly logo of a school bell over a photograph of the Old Schoolhouse



 We all feel instantly treasured and included as part of this amazing group

- Jenny

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